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The Perspective and Inovation of TVET in the Covid 19 Era

Indonesia, as a member of ASEAN, is now facing the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) 2016. The AEC will support the ASEAN’s transformation into a region that guarantees free movement of goods, services, capital, and skilled labors. This will make ASEAN an even more dynamic and competitive region. In preparation for the AEC, the ASEAN member countries have ventured to improve the comparability and connectivity of their TVET systems. As an important component of human resources development, TVET is expected to play an active role in preparing the successful EAC. The implications of technological, economic and social trends are intervening factors that refine pedagogical strategies, leading to the molding of TVET as a more effective platform to catalyze pragmatic approaches to prepare the workforce for the new imperatives of the world of work.

Regional integration and harmonization of TVET in the region have become key concerns and at the same time the strength of the ASEAN region. They are considered the overarching interventions needed in TVET to address major issues and challenges.

The 8th UNP International Conference on Technical and Vocational Education Training focuses on “The Perspective and Inovation of TVET in the Covid 19 Era”, to discuss how they have been applied on technical and vocational education practices in the region and beyond. The conference will take place in Padang, Indonesia, on November, 8th, 2021. It provides a forum for knowledge and experience exchange, and invites TVET scholars, practitioners, decision makers, and stakeholders from all parts of society and all regions of the world to share their knowledge, experiences, concepts, examples of good practice, and critical analysis with their international peers.

Sub Theme
  1. Vocational Teacher
  2. Entrepreneurship and Technoprenuer
  3. Learning in the Era of the Pandemic
  4. Curriculum MBKM and Implementation
  5. Industrial Relationships
  6. Vocational Assesment in Covid 19 Era



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