Process reviews

  1. Starting from registration by creating an account at the website conferance website address:, after the account is created there will be a registration confirmation.
  2. The author sends an article in the form of an abstract and full paper
  3. Writers must follow the article templates available at
  4. Plagiarism of article writing 20%
  5. After the author sends the article there is confirmation that the article has been uploaded to the website.
  6. The article selection process is carried out by the editor and guess editor, then the editor will check for article plagiarism a maximum of 20%. For articles that meet the plagiarism criteria of less than 20%, the editor will distribute them to domestic and international reviewers, national and international reviewers.
  7. Then the review process is carried out 2 times (national and international reviewers), the results of the review are sent back to the author and the author makes revisions, and is reviewed again by the reviewer and the author revises again, the final stage of the editor and guest editor selecting the articles received.
  8. Determination of the articles received and given the LOA.
  9. On received articles, copy editing will be carried out according to the layout.
  10. Confirmation of the article to the author before publication.
  11. An evaluation is carried out by the evaluation committee to re-check the articles received and those that will be published until they fit the format.
  12. The process of publishing articles